Autogenic Training Ireland [ATI] is a recognised

Autogenic Training Ireland [ATI] is a recognised method of obtaining and being taxed as Sole Trader for Irish Project Funding. Obtained NMPDU project funding for the BAS Fast Track PGCert AT is taxed at 40% on my F11 tax return. All Project Funds, prior to taxation, immediately on receipt are transferred to the British Autogenic Society [BAS] to cover BAS & BPS Tutor fees, Travel to & from UK and Admin costs for this invaluable Nurse-Led (CNSs in Pain contact me in the 1st instance) Pain Service Development project.

The current NMPDU funded project, a collaboration between BAS, UHL & ATI, has NMBI Category 1 Approval and UHL Hospital Group Research Ethics Approval

Tax Clearance Certificate Number available on request